Hailing from the heart of England (Nottinghamshire) Blakshine fuse hard rock riffage, grooves and infectious melody to create outstanding tunes that bite on first listening.

The band comprise of Andy Dawson on guitar (of Savage) Rick Gilliat on vocals and guitar Tony B bass/vocals and Dave Lindley (ex Savage) on drums 

The band have released 2 albums under the radar -Blakshine and Blakshine II and have been steadily developing their sound which looks back to their classic rock heritage and present day rock acts.

Driven by an enormous drum sound and dirty bass,  Blakshine’s infectious guitar and vocal work shine on all the recordings. 

Influenced by everything from Audioslave to Deep Purple the band pride themselves on the quality of the tracks, the playing and the production 

The band formed in 2013 and this year they are releasing 6 new tunes in the form of the Lightning Tree EP on July 19th across all on line platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Tidal, Amazon etc. Track listing: Mercy, Lightning Tree, Alkaline, SOS, Universal, Man in the Middle



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Back in 2010 Blakshine were formed from a current and former member of

British rock legends Savage, the Bass player from Adhesive and the singer from

Traitor’s Gate.

Wasting no time these hard hitting rock veterans put pen to paper, and set

about creating their self-titled debut album. Kicking off with the title track

Blakshine this album drops you right into that accomplished rock feeling and

sets you right in the mood. With great lyrics matched to hard bitten vocals and

stylish playing, Blakshine take you through this album like true professionals.

Blasting your ears with tracks like Man of Fire and Enemy it would be easy to

believe that this band have been around for years and their debut was in the

distant past. One thing that bothers me about this album is I’m really hard

pressed to find a favourite track as they are all amazingly performed and

mixed, but if I was asked then I would say the closest I can come to a favourite

would be tracks 7 and 8. Track 7 Downside Upside is a brilliantly written balls to

the wall rock tune and Track 8 Love, Life and Liberty is just as balls to the wall

but with an added twist of being the kind of tune that would be an awesome

chance for the crowd to sing along in any venue, but I get the feeling that these

dudes are destined for bigger and better venues the more people hear this

album. With twelve tracks to this album you definitely realise that this isn’t just

a hello here we are debut but more of a loud yell to the face saying listen to us


Ending on God’s Town you get a slight sad feeling that this is all there is but

after such a good ride you just know that this isn’t the end but a brief pause

while Blakshine gather more of this awesome rock and prepare once more to

blow you away. After hearing this amazing band I am confident in saying

Blakshine are destined to be on the lips of every rock fan very soon and any

venue would be shaken to its foundations with these lads on the stage.




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